A familiar story…?

This isn’t my piece but  something I’ve read on the net and it’s very apt sadly.  Teachers are no longer trusted. Problem is that are the unions doing about it? And I’m a big union man.  Read on…very interesting! Let’s bring back professional judgement!

“I’ve been teaching for almost 25 years.

I’ve taught in grammars, comps, hell highs, indies….even a PRU. So it’s fair to say I’ve seen it all.

But nothing really has changed…………….except who gets the blame.

Throughout my career there have been bright and not-so-bright students Hard workers and total slackers. By and large students get the grades they deserve and work for (some exceptions as is always the case).

I’ve seen intervention after intervention, year after year, but nothing really changes.

Apart from one thing……………..it is now the teachers’ fault. They are ‘our’ grades, ‘our’ targets. No longer the students’ grades or targets. We have to email, record, write down in blood everything we do in order evidence what we have done, to satisfy whoever is now in charge of beating us with a large stick. It’s no longer good enough to have a chat with a student….it must be planned, recorded, checked and assessed in triplicate.

It’s all about ‘evidence’. Evidence of what? If a student passes that is no longer evidence we have done our job. If a student fails it is our fault. If a student does well it is because he/she is bright and hardworking…..nothing to do with us.

We have to account for ourselves when sick, to the point we feel guilty and shamed.

I’m sick of being set unattainable, unrealistic and un-measurable targets.

What used to be a lovely job is now a scary place to be, where one’s future is largely out of one’s own control and teachers are suffering higher levels of work related stress, bullying and depression.

No wonder I’m planning my exit strategy.”


Labour should let Mrs May carry on! Jeremy should keep quiet!

What should Labour do as the Tories self destruct? Denver an election? Demand Mrs May resign? Not for me. Corbyn has to keep quiet now that there is no unity in the Tory government as they all manoeuvre for the next leadership battle. In the meantime the Tories copy Corbyns agenda things look good for Labour. We don’t need a general election. We need Mrs May to continue to preside over a sinking ship and WAIT until the moment comes, as it will, when the Tories have thus fight out in the open. It’s happening now but worse will follow.Add Brexit to the mix thus will just implode into civil war. Then Labour needs to strike. Corbyn has to play his hand carefully in the coming days and weeks and play the statesman. Don’t push it just stay cool and calm as the PM selfishly clings to power and let’s the country slide with it. It’s sad it’s happening as people are suffering but if the long term good is the end of this vile Tory lot then so be it.!

People of Britain! Vote for a change of direction tomorrow!

‪Life does change. People do change. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the better. Up to the 1970s Britain was a relatively united and happy with itself society. I can remember. Wales had a good rugby team! Wars were a thing of the past. Then I remember 1979 and the subsequent 80s & 90s and a serious fracture occurred. I remember the early Blair years and hope was round the corner. Then Iraq. It seemed to change everything. Then 2008 was another turning point towards the failed austerity project. 4 million children now live in poverty. Food banks characterise the 5th richest country in the world where our nurses go to get fed. The Middle East is in flames. Will tomorrow be one of those big changes for the good or bad? I know how I will be voting.‬

Thank you Jeremy Corbyn.

Under a week to go till the big vote and I know how I’m going to vote. I’m glad Corbyn has been an option. He has principles. He has values. He isn’t for killing millions with nuclear weapons and he favours conciliation over war. That may seem weak and unpopular and it may seem too idealistic. Is he a communist? No. Is he anti-British? Of course not. Is he anti-business? Not at all. But he’s not a politician with short term views who just wants power for the sake of it and he doesn’t pander to a Daily Mail narrative of hate, intolerance and nastiness. Is he perfect? No. Do I agree with everything he says? No. But is he someone who might have started a new type of politics? Maybe. I’m not going on an anti-Tory rant as it’s too easy. Doesn’t do my blood pressure a lot of good…But I am glad at this election we have seen someone who isn’t just a ladder climber; isn’t always right; isn’t always concerned about dismissing other people’s views; doesn’t pander to trends and fads and sticks up for what he believes in. He listens and he has compromised. He cares for others. Good on him and his followers. Will he win? I don’t know. Life isn’t always about winning it’s about doing the right thing. He has inspired a lot of people. Thank you Jeremy.

Appalling Manchester tragedy should leave us with lessons to learn 

I really can’t think what people with relatives and friends of those needlessly killed by a lunatic fanatic in Manchester on Monday must now be going through. The loss of life of so many young people is beyond comprehension. The reasons for someone wanting to do this are just beyond the realms of belief to any decent people.Yet how, people are asking, do we stop this happening again and how do we stop people with obscene political and religious views can muster up such cowardice to commit this act of terror?

Well there is no easy answer of course. That’s the first thing to say. But there is a trend now in the western world in particular in Europe.;We can only hope that this isn’t repeated anytime soon in Britain but the signs aren’t good. Young people are being radicalised with almost all of them involved in recent atrocities born here. They are not refugees or people fleeing the Middle East or Isis “soldiers” somehow creeping into the country.

In the Middle East in Syria, Yemen,Iraq, Bahrain and over in Afghanistan, children are bring killed on a regular basis yet the moral outrage from the west is either muted or it is non existent. We cant accept lives lost by European young people is more valuable than those in the war ravaged countries of the world.

Where we could start is to act as one against all acts of terror especially those committed by theocracies we fund and train their armed forces. we must also stop turning a blind eye to the funding of ISIS by some of these regimes. lets disentangle the politics of this conflict and work to save humanity as a whole from dangerous fanatics who distort the real meaning of the worlds great religions.

Above all it will have to come down to education. It will be about a greater understanding of other cultures and traditions and not dismissing them all as potential jihadists and worse.

The Tories want to take us back to the 1930s…

It about time Labour hit back. The Tories claim Labour wants to go back to the 1970s (well Welsh rugby was good then and people had a sense of community and the Welfare State was in good hands so why not?!) but the Tories actually want us to go back to the Depression and just allow those who can afford it to live a life of luxury.

Its as clear as day.

They already want foodbanks to replace the workhouse of the 1930s…that’s already happening!

They want to continue with zero hours contracts to keep workers on their toes. They can’t plan for their futures and the Tories like people who are insecure.

They want to win elections by creating a divide in society where the so called working class affluent person will vote Tory.

This is their strategy

 Its as clear as day.

They want to lower taxes to reduce spending on the public services.

Thry want to return to a privatised Health service, leaving only the poor to access free medical care but not all the poor. They want to see unemployment go up again, a price worth paying, to see the diminuation of workers rights.

They want to see kids leave school with few qualifications as they bring back grammar schools and let the rest of children go to the scrap heap.

 They want to continue with zero hours contracts to keep everyone on their toes.

 They want to win elections by creating a divide in society where the so called working class affluent person will vote Tory enabling a divide within communities and a society they hate so much.

 This is their strategy.

 This is pure evil. This is MAGGIE MAY…true heiress to Thatcher

This is pure evil. This is MAGGIE MAY…true heiress to Thatcher

Why I HATE the Tories

I suppose you shouldn’t really hate anyone as a human being. I suppose you should learn to accept other people’s views when it comes to politics and as we live in a democracy, no one is proposing to kill anyone else, or to set up concentration camps or to start wars of aggression against other countries. So we have a political system where governments of all shades come and go, and Britain moves along peacefully, united as a peoples and progress is made in all spheres of life. But if all the latter were true. And it is not.  And I place at the hands of the Conservative Party the responsibility for they way I think Britain is as  a country today. Its why I could NEVER EVER vote Tory not just in the forthcoming lesson but in any future one. why do I hate them so much?

First, the Tories represent an aspect of humanity we all have, greed, but most of us tend to shun it, to ignore it, to keep it to a bare minimum in our thought process. But the Tories actively encourage it, its part of their philosophy, they think its “right” and they think it helps make the country rich and powerful.  I hate them for this selfishness which I despise.

Second, they HAVE and they DO cause suffering almost every time they get into power. In the modern era, they pursued a vicious attitude to the less well off in the 1930s with things like the Means Test and other austere politics. They did nothing in the 50s and 60s to build a consensus in our politics, and in the 80s under Thatcher, we saw some of the most nasty policies towards the mining and working class communities that were neo-fascist in their implementation. They then returned post 2010 to attack disable people and anyone who cant fight back…so nurses, firemen and indeed anyone in the public sector.  I hate them for that.

Third, they have no moral compass or sense of ethics whatsoever. They just see it as their divine right to hold power and to exercise it on behalf of the privileged class they seek to represent.  They represent that something in human beings that is empty.

Finally, how do they get people to vote for them then? Well, they lie. They lie and they lie and they lie. They say they are “strong and stable” but they are actually “weak and unhinged.” They are desperate people. They adore power just for the sake of it. They think and act short term. They bribe the electorate. They lie about the Labour Party and get their mates in the press and media to lie for them. Just watch them let rip on Corbyn in the run up to the election. You aint seen anything yet!

So yes I hate them. Anyone who votes for them I don’t hate but I wonder about how their education has let them down. Aneurin Bevan was right that they are “lower than vermin” and its a pity we just don’t have someone like him today to show them up for what they are…but Jeremy is doing a good job as far as I can see. We must support him and get him into power for the decent manifesto it seems the Party is about to reveal.