Corbyn and Labour must stay strong

I’ve lived through labour governments since the 1960s. I’m not old enough to remember the great 45-51 governments!

Almost all labour governments have been Tory-lite governments though with some good things done. We may as well have a Tory government if people think that a return to New Labour is the only alternative. Thankfully thousands and thousands of people don’t think that and 12 million didn’t at the last election. That’s about the same amount that voted Tory.

Labour has to continue to get its message across to the people realising that the press, media and batch of doubters that are in the PLP will do anything just to keep Britain in a class ridden, intolerant place to live where the better off will want to preserve their interests and standing in society.

Sucking up to an American neocon foreign policy and having no ethics or morals in propping up evil murderous tyrant and even elected ones in the Middle East is not going to progress humanity. Corbyn is not perfect, makes mistakes and has not always led well and I’m saying that. But he’s better than the inherently greedy Tories and he’s got a way of dealing with life’s problems through a socialist outlook. I agree with that and there must be no return to new labour.

Not all social democrats or those who oppose Corbyn are traitors or Red Tories but a lot of them need to realise whose side they are on.all these smears mirrored by their advocates on this message board just slightly deflect from the path Labour is on. It will not be derailed so you has just better get used to it for some time to come. This is a testing time for the Left for sure but all those who want a society for the many and not the few should keep the faith. No return to Blairism and the neoThatcherite agenda. Decent British people deserve a decent society not a selfish one. Corbyn and his vision must be the best way currently of achieving that.


Saudi Arabia are a disgrace to humanity

How long are we going to support this awful awful government that the UK claims to be an ally and a friend? How long will the Head of State continue to take tea at Buckingham Palace with their visiting Royals? What’s the evidence for their disgrace to humanity?

1 today’s latest war crime killing 29 children in a bus coming back from the panic is just another example of their murderous behaviour

2 the ongoing use of British missiles to the value of £5 billion is showing our government to have blood on its hands.

3 the ideological nature of the ruling Saud Islamic religion is on a par with ISIS and Al Qaeda. Much funding of these groups comes from Saudi.

4 the ongoing repression of women and the killing of homosexuals is just disgusting and anti-human.

And we support them?

It’s a disgrace and our government should hold its head in shame supporting a bunch of murdering lunatics.

Isn’t this enough?

Why Jeremy Corbyn should stick to his beliefs

Mr Corbyn has come under relentless attacks by the media, many of his own MPs and Party and now Jewish groups claiming he is anti-Semitic and shows a tolerance for such beliefs and individuals who allegedly espouse them.

Let’s accept for a moment that Team Corbyn hasn’t been robust enough in dealing with these well organised attacks and you would level that as a criticism. Yet I would argue that it is hard to respond to a pack of lies. Of course it has become a truism that the more lies you tell then the more people believe them as the truth. Many who fail to realise that the vested interests that regularly attack Corbyn have this as part of a plan to destabilise him and his project. Yet what should he do. What is to be done as someone once said.

My views is to do what exactly Jeremy is doing. Keep calm. Don’t shout or swear. Don’t label someone as a stereotype and stick to what you believe to be right. It was the great Rosa Parks who said that you don’t have to fear anything if you think you have a right and just cause. Corbyn has a right and just cause. He does make mistakes….don’t we all? But he must continue to listen, continue to be tolerant of others, check the facts of your arguments are correct and don’t get personal. Something that those plotting against him and telling lies should learn to be the best way of conducting an argument.

Why Eddie Jones and Jamie Carragher do so much damage…

  • I love rugby and really like what Jamie Carragher has done since being a footballer particularly in his political work. Eddie Jones must be a decent coach and has had some success over the years. Carragher has immense success at Liverpool in an illustrious career. As people I have no idea what they are liked. Hopefully nice people. Yet they are more than you and me. They are in the public eye. They are role models if not prominent figures that young people look up to. For respect, for guidance and inspiration. Yet they are human and we all make mistakes. They are entitled to correct mistakes and move on as we all are. But when they say and do things in the public eye, it matters. When you or I do it, nobody knows it. When they spit at children that is serious. When they call other peoples shitty abs scummy it matters. It’s serious. We should take that seriously. They are public figures. They want to be public figures. They don’t have to be. I don’t want to be. So when they say sorry maybe that should be it… move in. But the problem isn’t Eddie or Jamie, the problem is ALL public figures making really serious offensive stuff that YOUNG people either learn off or think… “well they behave like that so it must be ok for me to behave like that.” Of course sensible young people won’t behave like that. But when poorly educated or poorly motivated young people do behave badly or do or say something awful… it too is serious. It’s serious for the family someone who is offended by the actions of a low life. It affects others. That’s what the effect of any public figure can have on the rest of us… and we have to pick up the pieces. Therefore any time a public figure steps out of line with an outrageous course of action then they must step down from that public role. It’s a rule of thumb that has to apply to the likes of Jones and Carragher otherwise society has no norms. Society is constantly fluid when we need stability. We need more role models behaving well not badly. Yobbos and thieves and criminals will always exist but let’s try to reduce this scar on society by telling our public figures you must act responsibility as much as you can because in fact the cohesion of our society depends on you.

A familiar story…?

This isn’t my piece but  something I’ve read on the net and it’s very apt sadly.  Teachers are no longer trusted. Problem is that are the unions doing about it? And I’m a big union man.  Read on…very interesting! Let’s bring back professional judgement!

“I’ve been teaching for almost 25 years.

I’ve taught in grammars, comps, hell highs, indies….even a PRU. So it’s fair to say I’ve seen it all.

But nothing really has changed…………….except who gets the blame.

Throughout my career there have been bright and not-so-bright students Hard workers and total slackers. By and large students get the grades they deserve and work for (some exceptions as is always the case).

I’ve seen intervention after intervention, year after year, but nothing really changes.

Apart from one thing…………… is now the teachers’ fault. They are ‘our’ grades, ‘our’ targets. No longer the students’ grades or targets. We have to email, record, write down in blood everything we do in order evidence what we have done, to satisfy whoever is now in charge of beating us with a large stick. It’s no longer good enough to have a chat with a student….it must be planned, recorded, checked and assessed in triplicate.

It’s all about ‘evidence’. Evidence of what? If a student passes that is no longer evidence we have done our job. If a student fails it is our fault. If a student does well it is because he/she is bright and hardworking…..nothing to do with us.

We have to account for ourselves when sick, to the point we feel guilty and shamed.

I’m sick of being set unattainable, unrealistic and un-measurable targets.

What used to be a lovely job is now a scary place to be, where one’s future is largely out of one’s own control and teachers are suffering higher levels of work related stress, bullying and depression.

No wonder I’m planning my exit strategy.”

Labour should let Mrs May carry on! Jeremy should keep quiet!

What should Labour do as the Tories self destruct? Denver an election? Demand Mrs May resign? Not for me. Corbyn has to keep quiet now that there is no unity in the Tory government as they all manoeuvre for the next leadership battle. In the meantime the Tories copy Corbyns agenda things look good for Labour. We don’t need a general election. We need Mrs May to continue to preside over a sinking ship and WAIT until the moment comes, as it will, when the Tories have thus fight out in the open. It’s happening now but worse will follow.Add Brexit to the mix thus will just implode into civil war. Then Labour needs to strike. Corbyn has to play his hand carefully in the coming days and weeks and play the statesman. Don’t push it just stay cool and calm as the PM selfishly clings to power and let’s the country slide with it. It’s sad it’s happening as people are suffering but if the long term good is the end of this vile Tory lot then so be it.!

People of Britain! Vote for a change of direction tomorrow!

‪Life does change. People do change. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the better. Up to the 1970s Britain was a relatively united and happy with itself society. I can remember. Wales had a good rugby team! Wars were a thing of the past. Then I remember 1979 and the subsequent 80s & 90s and a serious fracture occurred. I remember the early Blair years and hope was round the corner. Then Iraq. It seemed to change everything. Then 2008 was another turning point towards the failed austerity project. 4 million children now live in poverty. Food banks characterise the 5th richest country in the world where our nurses go to get fed. The Middle East is in flames. Will tomorrow be one of those big changes for the good or bad? I know how I will be voting.‬